Fourth Sunday after Trinity 2017

July 9, 2017

Old Testament Lesson: Lamentations 3:22-33
Epistle: Romans 8: 18-23
Gospel: Luke 6: 36-42

“Spiritual Bondage”


The world hates Christianity because Christianity bears witness to the Truth that the world is imperfect and lacking – it needs fixing, and that it cannot fix itself. Many people nowadays are quick to point out the faults in others while at that same moment, they have incredible faults of their own they never seem to notice.


Jesus speaks about this in our Gospel lesson today. It’s one of the few places in Scripture we find God/Jesus making a joke – or at least being sarcastically humorous. He asks, “Can the blind lead the blind?” And then proceeds to mock the idea that anyone should try to take out the speck in his brother’s eye when he’s got a log in his own. He points out the ridiculous attempts we make to showcase others’ faults while we ignore our own obvious ones.


This approach – pointing out people’s faults – lends itself to judgmental and hate-centered oppression of others. This becomes a type of spiritual bondage which would tell us we’re not only unworthy but unloved by God because of our faults with no hope of correction. Instead of focusing on others’ issues, we must face our own wickedness and sin, devoting ourselves to honoring God in all things.


Let us not be spiritually bound by bad behavior and wicked thinking. Remove the stains in our own souls through the power of God’s grace and working of His Holy Spirit. By conquering our own imperfections and devoting ourselves to honoring our Lord God, we will find that we dwell more securely in our own skins, and will not be compelled to pursue “correcting” our neighbors. Rather, we will seek ways to draw them into a closer relationship to God so that they too may awaken to the amazing love of God and subject themselves to His cleansing of their souls.

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